• Saints Email

  • How do I set up my student email?

    A few days after you first register for classes, you’ll have an MHCC email address and free access to Microsoft Office 365! As long as you remain an active student (registered for at least one class in the past four terms), you will retain this email address and access. The College will use this address to send all official notices to you, so be sure to check it at least twice a week. To get started, follow the instructions below.

    Step 1. Find your Saints email address and temporary password

    • Go to MyMHCC and log in.
    • Click on the Student Services tab.
    • Click on the “Message Center” folder on the left side of the page in the gray box. Look for a message called “Your SAINTS Password”. This will contain your student email address and temporary password

      Message Center

    Step 2. Set-up your saints email account

    • Click on the Saints Email link (under the Quick Links menu) on the left side of MyMHCC. This will take you to the Outlook365 email system.
    • Enter your Saints email address and temporary password.
    • Next, re-enter your temporary password; then create a new password (8 – 16 characters in length) with at least one uppercase, one lowercase and one number and/or symbol.
    • The next screens are to help you keep your account secure and to enable you to reset your password.
    • Enter a phone number for a text message or a phone call for secure access.  On the next screen enter an email address other than your Saints email.  This information will assist you in self service password resets.
    • Select your time zone: Example: PST, Pacific Standard Time.
    • You are now set up with MHCC Saints email!

    Step 3. Ensure access to your email

    Need help?

    If you don’t see an alert or email message regarding Saints email, click on Personal Info (next to your name at the top of MyMHCC) and write down your Saints email address. Connect with one of the locations below, and we’ll issue a temporary password:

    • In person help, come to the HUB, AC2253
    • Computer Skills Lab, room AC3333 above the Library on 3rd floor (503-491-7144)
    • Library Student Help Desk
    • Submit an ticket to the help desk with this online form
    • Community Skills Center at the Maywood Park Campus