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International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma program, a rigorous pre-college curriculum culminating in examinations, offers students the opportunity to earn college credit in various subjects. These subjects include English composition, first and second-year foreign language, history, economics, geography, psychology, biology, physics, chemistry, theatre arts, and general electives. A comprehensive list of MHCC courses fulfilled by IB examinations is provided below. For those seeking official IB transcripts, detailed instructions can be found on the International Baccalaureate website.

International Baccalaureate Exams and Credit Awarded


MHCC Credit Awarded, Standard Level Score of 4+

MHCC Course

MHCC Credit Awarded, High Level Score of 4+

MHCC Course
Lang A: English 4 WR121Z Composition I 12 WR121, 122Z and ENG104
Lang A: Not English 4 Second Year Language 12 Second Year Language
Lang B 4 First Year Language 15 First Year Language
History of Americas N/A N/A 12 HST201, 202, 203
Economics 7 EC115, 201 11 EC115, 201, 202
Geography 3 GEOG105 6 GEOG105, 106
Psychology 4 PSY201 8 PSY201, 202
Math Studies 4 MTH105Z Math in Society N/A N/A
Biology 5 BI211 15 BI211, 212, 213
Physics 5 PH201 15 PH201, 202, 203
Chemistry 5 CH221 15 CH221, 222, 223
Art 4 Lower Division Elective Credit 9 Lower Division Elective Credit
Music 6 MUS101, 105 10 MUS101, 105, Lower Division Elective Credit
Theater Arts 3 TA106 3 TA106

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