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Credit for Prior Learning

At MHCC, we believe in college access, affordability, and helping students earn credentials quickly. That's why students may be awarded Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) when possible.

What is Credit for Prior Learning (CPL)?

You can earn CPL for mastering college-level knowledge and skills through different experiences like jobs, military training, non-credit courses, and training programs not affiliated with college. Mt. Hood Community College can give you CPL based on measurable college-level learning that you can document. For established CPL opportunities, see other ways to earn college credit. For all other ways your learning might earn credit, please see the faculty member who teaches the course you are seeking credit for.  They will determine on a case-by-case basis.

How to Demonstrate Prior Learning

You can show that you've met course learning outcomes through documentation such as:

  • Certification cards or licenses.
  • Documentation from your employer plus your résumé.
  • Professional portfolio.
  • Completion of a non-credit training program.

Requests for CPL without evidence or documentation of prior learning will automatically be denied. Even with CPL, you must meet all requirements for certificate and degree programs. You can earn a maximum of 25% of the credits you need for a degree or certificate through CPL.

Things to Remember

Earning CPL could affect your financial aid. Check with the financial aid office about your situation.

You can use CPL to meet MHCC program requirements. However, whether you can transfer these credits to other institutions is up to the institution that would receive them. It's not guaranteed that other institutions will accept them.

Get Credit for Your Prior Learning

If you are ready to complete your request for CPL contact your faculty advisor.

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